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Create or join padel games and tournaments wherever you are. Book and find verified padel coaches.  Padel Mates is an app for everyone who loves padel!

Padel Mates


Create or join padel games. share cost, evaluate other players' game level and sportsmanship and have your own game level assessed!


Save time and get the schedule automatically including the names of the courts. Follow the table live! Multiple tournaments available such as Americano, Mexicano and Team Americano.


Find and compare coaches. Rate coaches after each training. Recieve level assessment and training report by the coach after each training. Book and pay directly in the app with card, Apple Pay or Google Pay!

All is all about the community

Padel Mates is constantly evolving and only by the players' needs and improvement suggestions. Our vision is to build the world's largest padel community and it can only be done together with the community!

"Via Padel mates, it is easy to find players on the same level as yourself, and it is also nice to be able to connect to other people's games and not always be the one who books. But the main reason why I love Padel mates is all the lovely people and new friends I got to know 😊"

Maja Savić

"I have used the app since it came and it is fun to see how quickly it improves! I have received several new paddle mates through the app which gives the opportunity to easily plan games with both existing and new players at the desired level and club. Super nice response from the developers to ideas and improvement suggestions too, fun! "

Madeleine K

"Before Padel Mates, it was very difficult for me to find games and coordinate games with friends. Thanks to Padel Mates, I have been able to find games that suit my level, my time and in the club that suits me. But above all, my padel network has grown and I think I have found padel friends for life, all through an app 🥰 ”

Juan Mella

Great app where the opportunity to meet new players is easy! All players I have met so far have been very nice and the level against what is in the profile has matched very well 😃 Very good app to have good and fun games🎾

Fredrik Urefors

Padel Mates CLUB

Do you run a padel club? Do you want to create a community for your club? Do you want a tool to create games and tournaments for your players and understand your players and community even more?

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