Padel Mates FAQ

The app is available on both iOS and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, you answer five questions and based on that, you get a starting level.

What is Padel Mates?

Padel Mates is a padel community app. You can create or join games, tournaments and training sessions. You can also do the following in the app:

  • Set your game level based on a proven algorithm
  • Find opponents or get game suggestions based on your favorite center and game level
  • Book or host your own tournaments like Americano, Mexicano, Team Americano
  • Book or contact verified and reviewed coaches directly in the app
  • Follow and chat with other padel mates
  • Gain insight into your statistics and development
  • Get feedback on your game level after each game

How do I change my starting level?

You can always apply via profile> settings> customer support and at the bottom choose the game level that suits you and we will approve it as soon as possible.

Level assessment and sportsmanship

The other players assess your game level and sportsmanship after each game played, . The rating is anonymous and appears in your profile as an average based on the last 21 ratings.


Defined as wins divided by the total number of games. Only registered games count.

How do I add my favorite center?

Go to Profile> box “Centers”> Add center.
You can either search the center by name or find it via the map.

My club is not included in Padel Mates?

Contact us via or Settings> Customer support> Subject> other> Message box> send. We will add the hall as soon as possible.

How do I get the verification symbol?

By having played at least 7 games and received 21 ratings and linked either phone number or your instagram account to your profile.

How do I link my phone number or instagram account?

Profile> settings> and enter your Instagram username or phone number> save

How do I find players who have the same favorite center as me?

If you are a beginner or want to play with players who have same center as you, you can do so via the home button> search buttom on the topleft> Add center and there you will see all players.

How do I share the app with my mates?

Profile> settings> share with mates

Can I create single games in Padel Mates?

Yes, turn the double button to green and then the game will change to a single game.

Forgot password

There are 3 ways to create an account on Padel Mates. Facebook, Google or with email and phone number. There is no password reset if you have logged in with Facebook or Google. If you have forgotten which way you have logged in, you can contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.


Can I lock more than one spot?

You can only lock one spot in Padel Mates. We do this for several reasons, including

  • that someone must be on the other side to be able to lose / gain points give / recieve feedback from opponents
  • Credibility of the system. If you can lock more than one place then it will be possible for two players to register wins and give each other feedback
  • Other players who apply for games can see who they face, what rating they have, etc.

Can you share the cost of the booking in Padel Mates?

Yes, usually a player books the court on Matchi or Playtomic and shares the cost of the court in Padel Mates. It is only possible in Sweden right now using Swish payment.

The game creator enters the total sum and telephone number. The amount is automatically divided between 4 players and a button "Swish your share" is visible to the other participants in the game.

Can anyone see my phone number in a game?

Only those you accept in the game can see your phone number in the swish app.

How do I invite other players to my match?

Visit your game and click on the "+". Select then everyone you want to invite to the game. The first to accept will get the spots.

Can I follow other players in Padel Mates?

Yes, you can always follow players you would like to play with again. To do this, go to the player's profile and press "Follow".

Can I create private padel games?

Yes, you can create a game and activate the "Private mode" button. Only players you follow in Padel Mates receive a push notice, can see the game and can apply for the game.

Invite players while creating the game vs after creating the game

There are two thing to know when it comes to adding players / inviting players. When you add a player while creating a game, the players enter automatically and they are notified that they are included. This presupposes that you have talked to each other and that they are know about it. If you are unsure if they can join or not and want to invite more, then create the game first and then visit the game again and press "+" and then invite.  Rhe other players will have the opportunity to both accept and decline your invite with their own text.

Can I share my match in a whatsapp, facebook or messenger?

Yes, after you have created the game, you will see a box that confirms that you have created the game and there you can easily copy the text and share your gamewith others.

How do I register game results?

Enter the result to the right of the images first and then click "Register".

When the game is over, all participants in the game will receive a notification to give feedback on sportsmanship and level assessment and register results. To register results, you need to be 4 participants or 3 players and a locked spot.

Can I rotate players?

Yes, you can always rotate players by clicking the button in the middle of the pictures.

Can everyone register and correct results?

Yes, everyone who participates in the game can register and correct the results. As soon as a player registers or corrects the results, everyone else receives a notification that the result has been registered. Anyone can correct the result 24 hours after the first result registration.

How many games can I register?

Currently you can register 2 games, best of 3 sets.

What is the difference in my level next to my profile picture and the level assessment?

Everyone gets a starting level when you register your profile in the app. The level is dynamic and changes based on results. A win gives +5 points and a loss -5 points. With 50 total points gathered, the level will automatically change by 0.5.

Your level rating is based on others' perceptions of your game level. It is always based on the last 21 reviews and is seen as an average in your profile.

Can I see which games I have applied for?

Yes, you can always see all your requests. Click on the notification button and then "My requests".  You can always withdraw an application by pressing the red cross over the spot with the question mark "?".

Can I add multiple clubs as a favorite but only receive notifications from a specific club?

Yes, you can choose to add multiple clubs as a favorite but also choose which clubs you want to get push notifications from. You do this on profile> settings> notifications and there you can choose which clubs you choose to close and open notifications from.

When can I last leave a game that I can not attend?

You can leave the match no later than 12 hours before the start time. If there are less than 12 hours left, you can contact the match creator via the group chat and the match creator can always remove you from the match.

I only want to see available games, how do I do that?

Click on the filter in the home button and filter on free games.

I just want to see games that are at my level, how do I do that?

Home button> level symbol and there you can choose which levels you want to see.

How do I find games at reduced prices?

Clubs we work with can offer games at reduced prices. These are the games with 4 vacancies and have the club's logo. The first player that take the first spot becomes the admin for the game and can accept / decline other players.

How do I pay when it comes to games created by my club?

Each player pays their share on the spot in the club.

Can I invite my mates to games with reduced prices?

Yes, when you take over the first place and become admin of the game, you can both invite your mates and lock spots.

How do I see if the club I play at has an account and events in Padel Mates?

Padel Mates will always have all the clubs available for you as a player to create and find games and tournaments.

Your club can also create a club profile in Padel Mates. The club will then be able to create both games and tournaments. If you do not find your club, you can advise them to contact us at

Can I follow my club and why is it good to do so?

Yes, you can follow your club. You will then be able to take part in available events such as games at reduced prices, tournaments, news and offers.


What tournament formats can I create in Padel Mates?

Americano, Team americano och Mexicano. Many more will come soon!

How to play Americano padel?

The basis of an Americano is that the teams are drawn for each game and the tournament is finished when everyone has played with everyone. Each game is played for a certain number of points, eg 32 points. In that case, each team serves 4 times, then the serve goes over to the opponent. Each ball won gives one point to the winning team. When you have played 32 balls, you fill in each team's result and this result is transferred to the individual level.


Team A with player 1 and player 2 meets team B with player 3 and player 4. If team A wins with 17-15, player 1 and player 2 get 17 points each and player 3 and player 4 get 15 points each.

How to play Team Americano padel?

In a Team Americano you play as in a regular Americano for a certain number of points in each game with the difference that you play as a team. You never change partners. You could compare it to a regular league or league game. Each team will face all other teams once.

How to play Mexicano padel?

Mexicano is played with the same point structure as a regular americano, but the game order is not predetermined. The Padel Mates app will generate the next game round based on the current top list, which will result in more even and fun games. In a Mexicano you can play both with and against the same player several times. It is based entirely on the current top list for the next round. The 1st in the top list will play together with the 3rd against the 2nd and the 4th, etc., down in the top list.

As a player, can I create my own tournaments?

As a player, you can create your own tournaments and handle payment using Swish completely free of charge (payment works only in Sweden for now). Players can apply for your tournament and you have the opportunity to accept / decline players. 

Schedule Americano, Mexicano, Team americano

In Padel Mates you can generate a schedule for Americano, Mexicano and Team Americano as soon as the tournament is full. The game schedule contains who is playing against whom, at which courts and in which round.

Who can register results in the tournament?

Everyone who participates in the tournament can register and correct results.

Can you lock multiple spots for players who do not have the Padel Mates app?

Yes, there is no limit on how many players you lock spots for, but for the best experience for everyone who participates, we usually recommend that all players have the app to join and see who you meet, see the table and who participates in the tournament.

Can I invite my mates to my tournament?

Yes, you can invite players to your tournament just as you can with your games.

Does my tournament have its own group chat?

Yes, every game and tournament that is created, a separate group chat is created automatically where all players who participate in the tournament / game can communicate and chat.

What payment methods does Padel Mates have?

Distribute the payment, we only have Swish at the moment. It is only available in Sweden. More payment solutions coming soon.

What payment methods does Padel Mates have when a club puts up tournaments?

You can pay with Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I create private tournaments like Americano, Team americano, Mexicano for my company or my friends?

Yes, you can always create private tournaments by activating "private mode" when creating the tournament. Once you have created the tournament, a code is generated that you can share with the other participants.


Can I create a group chat and invite my mates to Padel Mates?

Yes, go to the Chat icon> Create group chat> add your friends> save> name the group chat name> Create group chat.

Can I share my games in the group chat?

Yes, you can always share your game link in the group chat and all players will be able to come to the game immediately.

How do I delete old chats / group chats?

By pressing and holding the chat in your inbox and choosing which conversations you want to delete.